Inspirational video – Pitcher plants inspires super-slippery materials

Would it not be nice to stop scrubbing every day?

How do you keep surfaces clean without using lots of water and chemicals? And how do you save time cleaning your house so that you can enjoy reading books?

Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that have leaves that have been modified to trap prey. The pitfall traps are a deep cavity filled with liquid and the plants lure their prey with nectar down the trap.

The walls of pitcher plants is filled with a flaky, waxy substance that is rough. The plants prevent insects from escaping by clogging their feet with the substance.

Inspired by the Nepenthes pitcher plant, or monkey cups, the company spotLESS Materials has developed a spray that coats materials that makes them repel liquid, sludge, bacteria, mineral deposits, and more. The spray helps surfaces like toilets clean and it reduces the amount of water and cleaning chemicals needed to keep surfaces clean.

The peristome of the Nepenthes pitcher plant is extremely slippery when infused with water or nectar so the plant that catch and ingest insects that touch their surface of the plant peristome.

Check out these resources perfect for young biomimicrists.

Photo By en:User:Rbrtjong – en:User:Rbrtjong, Public Domain,

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