Why is Biodiversity important for Biomimicry

Fungi to flamingo, plants to animals – the variety of life on our planet is wonderful.

Biodiversity is the name we give to the variety of all life on Earth. The term is complex to grasp but it is this complexity that makes our planet the perfect place for us humans as well as plants, bacteria, fungi and animals.

We use the biodiversity in nature to make and create things but the biodiversity is also a source of information from which biomimicrists can draw inspiration. Without the species richness there would be little gems of seeds to spark ideas for biomimicrists.

Tropical rainforests and coral reefs are among the most diverse biomes on our plant and a wonderful source of inspiration. Yet the loss of biodiversity can speed up extinction and today around 1 million plants and animals face extinction. The more biodiversity there is the more stable an ecosystem is.

Climate change is a driver of loss of biodiversity but the loss of biodiversity also contributes to climate change. If we destroy forests, we emit carbon dioxide, the main driver of climate change. Studying the environment and biodiversity goes hand in hand.

Looking at biodiversity in your own garden, choosing a local endangered species or focussing on a global threat to biodiversity are great ways to enhance awareness of the richness of our world and also what will happen if we lose it.

Why not make an action plan, a poster or a podcast where you promote your ideas to save biodiversity in your local area or . . .


Photo by JESSICA TICOZZELLI from Pexels

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