Biomimicry Educator – Inspiring Students

A new school term and perhaps time to introduce Biomimicry to your students!

“Biomimicry builds off of a child’s natural curiosity, and it allows students to discover how things (evolved into) its current state. It allows students to see the differences and similarities in nature. It allows learners to become heroes of their own learning… and allows diverse learners to reflect on the past to find solutions to present situations.” — Billy Almon

Here is a video from the Biomimicry Institute that explains how biomimicry can offer an effective, engaging, and inspiring framework for STEAM education while empowering students to think differently about nature and their future.

Bringing nature into the classroom, whether at home, school or virtually online, offers a way to explore what can be learnt from the schoolyard, local park or garden. It allows children to work together to solve prolbmes and to be creative. The perfect way to mix art and science by using natural materials such as leaves, flowers, seedheads, and pinecones. An opportunity to use the five sense and explore shapes and patterns in nature.

Give your students Biomimicrylicious Time this term!

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