The Green Planet – Inspiration for Young Biomimicrists

What a spectacular programme! And great accompanying books.

New camera techniques have made it possible to dive into the world of plants with images that really make you feel more connected to plants. The Green Planet shows plants like you have never seen them before – new and surprising insights. The series focuses on the relationships plants share with the world around them.

Some of the plants and the animals felt like old friends. The series may have captured their lives in a way that make it easier to really dive into their worlds. The leaf-cutting ants are for example included in the resource about Ants Life Cycle, yet, the series really provides a great insight into how ants not only carry pieces back to their nests but also how they use the leaves as compost. The leaves are too tough for the ants to eat.

Check out the children’s book! Great way to gain a deeper understanding of the hidden world of plants.

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