Inspirational Books for Young Biomimicry Enthusiasts

At the moment we are enjoying these two books. Check them out!

The Animal BFFs is written by Sophie Corrigan. Here you can read about different types of Friendships among animals: mutualism commensalism and parasitism. The natural world is filled with strange and unlikely friendships. Odd couples that highlight the idea that sometimes it’s better to work together! Funny and informative books, that will provide young biomimicrists with amazing inspiration.

The book Invented by Animals by Christiane Dorion, illustrated by Gosia Herba, is a useful book to dip into see how animals how inspired inventors. Amazing things that may challenge young kids to imagine even better and more amazing things.

Both books are warmly recommended!

Both books are also brimming with inspiration for Earth Day as well Climate Change and Sustainability projects.

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