Summer Reading for Young Curious Nature Lovers

Is there anything better than reading a book and listening to the buzzing bees? At last, summer has arrived and you can sit under a tree in the shade enjoying the endless questions that some books spark.

The not bad animals brilliant explores how some animals have been misunderstood. Like the spiders who really are more terrified of us and sharks that help keep the ocean healthy. A funny and playful book that also is filled with great facts about animals.

The animal world is filled with friends. Odd couples show that sometimes it is much better to be together and help each other. Explore interesting partnerships and clever ways that creatures get through every day with help from their friends. And how some friends even use their friends. Great illustrations make both these books by Sophie Corrigan real treats.

It is easy to think that we humans are special! The book Humanimal shows the interconnections of the human and animal worlds. You’ll be amazed to learn about how humans and other animals share many patterns of behaviours, like how bees vote in elections to decide where they should locate their nests.

The two books below are from Hiddelway Brock Woods. Beautifully illustrated books that are written in rhyme.


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