Mushroom Leather Shoes for Kids – Inspired by Nature

Squirrels love munching on mushrooms and even poisonous ones. You can see them nibbling on the bright red toadstool and for some reason I always thought that the squirrels had stopped eating them and left a bit of a mess on the lawn. But squirrels can eat fungi that are poisonous to us humans. SoContinue reading “Mushroom Leather Shoes for Kids – Inspired by Nature”

Waxcap Fungi – Colourful Inspiration for Biomimicrists

A couple of weeks ago I attended an online session organised by Plantlife about grassland and waxcap fungi. Members of the Hygrophoraceae family, commonly known as waxcaps, are beautiful and often colourful mushrooms. They come in a rainbow of colours from bright rich scarlets and lemon yellow to purples and greens and pink. They glowContinue reading “Waxcap Fungi – Colourful Inspiration for Biomimicrists”

Introducing Biomimicry Life’s Principles for Young Students

Nature works by relying on some deep patterns, and Life’s Principles are design lessons from nature. It is a framework that can help us when we are exploring nature. This is done by focusing on one of the six principles at a time. People who work with creating nature-inspired solutions are familiar with these principlesContinue reading “Introducing Biomimicry Life’s Principles for Young Students”

Nature Drawing and Biomimicry Journaling

Our gardens, parks and forests are filled with wonders and beauty. Breathtaking wildlife and beautiful plants that give us life, it’s important to understand our world and nature drawing and biomimicry journaling give children an opportunity to enhance their understanding and appreciation of our earth. The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling provides greatContinue reading “Nature Drawing and Biomimicry Journaling”

Inspired by Fungi

Fly agaric, jelly ear, shaggy inkcap and sickener. How many fungi can you identify? And have you ever seen  ghost fungus? Fungi grow in a range of different environments. They live in the soil, on plants and animals, in fresh water and seawater. They even grow on your body! Many fungi are colourful and someContinue reading “Inspired by Fungi”

9 Nature Books Perfect for Biomimicry

I hope I have inspired you all to include Biomimicry into your life, whether it is in the classroom or at home. Below is a list of great book to use when observing plants and animals and to spark an interest in asking big questions. The focus when using biomimicry is on observing animals andContinue reading “9 Nature Books Perfect for Biomimicry”

Autumn Leaves – Colour and Shape

Being a nature detective during the autumn can be a lot of fun. Mushroom just waiting to be admired and sometimes even picked. If you walk quietly you may spot squirrels and birds. Acorns, conkers and pine cones can be collected and turned into wonderful art and craft. Piles of leaves just waiting for youContinue reading “Autumn Leaves – Colour and Shape”

Learning Requires New Skills – Critical Thinking, Lat Jumping and Biomimicry

What do you think of the idea that students should be allowed to use the Internet in exams? We may be at a turning point for exams. At least high school examinations but I am sure that the changes will eventually spread to primary school. The idea that an examination should gauge whether a childContinue reading “Learning Requires New Skills – Critical Thinking, Lat Jumping and Biomimicry”