Creativity and Imagination are the driving forces in everything I do. I love to inspire everyone to ponder and wonder about what it is like to a baby and a child.

To play with children I bring a

handful of curiosity       pinch of fun        bucket of imagination

drop of wonder         glass of magic        ocean of ideas

All mixed together to give a perfectly wonderful magical playtime.

Åsa Jomård

To surprise, inspire and explore experiences is at the heart of everything Åsa does. Her arsenal of powerful thinking tools has helped her to develop ideas to support adults to overcome their fear of exploring new ways to deal with real life situations. She has also taught children to use creative thinking tools to solve problems on a daily basis, as well as in academic situations. She is passionate about the environment and uses biomimicry to explore new ways in which nature’s successes can inspire the development of innovations. She has written material for young children about biomimicry as well as articles in magazines. Prior to this she studied Psychology, Sport Psychology, Pedagogics, English Literature, Reading, and Reading and Learning Disability. Her thesis Possible Solutions to Possible Problems concerned cognitive development in children. She is co-blogging at Thinkibility where she explores thinking, creativity, innovation and design.

In 2015 she completed a course in Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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You can contact me on

I love to write guest posts and more than happy to write book reviews.

I am also blogging at Thinkiblity –  Thinking about Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design

I am also blogging at Sparking Children’s Thinkibility and at Thinkiblity – Thinking about Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design.


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    1. Thanks for that lovely comment Kani. I wish you all the best with your design dreams and please send me a link later if you design something:-)


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