Digging Deeper – Biomimicry and Philiosophy

It is deceptively easy to think that biomimicry is simply an approach where the only purpose is to invent and design new things. An approach to creating things or solve problems by using principles that have been tested by nature for billions of years. Admittedly , this is one of the reasons why I thinkContinue reading “Digging Deeper – Biomimicry and Philiosophy”

CroakMet Messaging Service – Biomimicry for Young Children

In the summertime, bike riding is, even more, fun! Yet there are several problems with bike riding. Frogs amazing bulging eyes and their low horse croaking sound provided inspiration to solve two of the most annoying problems. How to talk to your best friend without shouting? How to see everything that goes on behind you?Continue reading “CroakMet Messaging Service – Biomimicry for Young Children”

Biomimicry, British Wildlife and Foxes – Fox Nose box

Foxes are fantastic. They can leap up into the air and dive into a pile a snow to catch a mouse. Inspired by foxes we made a Fox Nose Box – the food packing of the future. Just like foxes have great noses so does this food box. The black nose if filled with trillionsContinue reading “Biomimicry, British Wildlife and Foxes – Fox Nose box”

Biomimicry Postal Stamps to Celebrate Nature

Postal stamps to celebrate nature! Stamps are awesome. And if you are wondering how big is the gap between teeth on the jagged edge you find the answer in the mind-boggling book Science of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. “An atom is only about one hundred-millionth of a centimetre across, so that it would takeContinue reading “Biomimicry Postal Stamps to Celebrate Nature”

Smart Feathers – Biomimicry for Young Children

  Owls have beautiful as well as smart feathers! Why not make a project and study feathers? The beauty of bird feathers provides inspiration for art activities. And their smart design is perfect for young curious biomimicrist. A great way to study how feathers have evolved and to use their clever design as an inspirationContinue reading “Smart Feathers – Biomimicry for Young Children”