Dusky Lady Beetle Larva – Inspirational Video

Who can resist this spiky looking  little creature from the rainforest of Ecuador? Yet, looks can be deceptive, and the striking white tufts are waxy secretions that may protect the larva from predators. The larva may simple be very tricky to catch and may not taste very nice. The dusky ladybeetle belongs to the Coccinellidae,Continue reading “Dusky Lady Beetle Larva – Inspirational Video”

Devil’s Fingers – Spooky Video Inspiration –

Looking for non-plastic inspiration to celebrate Hallooween? Nature is not always pretty and beautiful. It can be ghoulish and horrific! Imagine that you are out walking on a sunny autumn afternoon when you stumble across a fungus emerging from what looks like strange looking eggs. Slender pinkish-red arms emerging from the top which creepily canContinue reading “Devil’s Fingers – Spooky Video Inspiration –”

Sea Slug Borrowers – Inspirational video

Spots, stripes, bold vibrant colours or soft milky pastels. Nudibranchs do everything to capture your attention. These soft-bodied creatures warn predators with their high contrast markings and colours. But some sea slugs are a bit more cunning, and they steal stinging cells that they collect from hydroid prey. The nudibranch’s gut is impressive, with fingerlikeContinue reading “Sea Slug Borrowers – Inspirational video”

Buildings inspired by Termite Mounds – Inspirational Video

What can be worse than spending a day in a too cold classroom? Schools are often too cold or too hot for optimal learning. Research suggests that the best results are achieved when the room temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. A too hot classroom makes students sleepy and a too cold classroom makes them focusingContinue reading “Buildings inspired by Termite Mounds – Inspirational Video”

Blue Eggs and Blue Caterpillars – Inspirational Video

Blue! Blue is a rather rare colour in nature. But in this awe-inspiring video there are blue eggs and blue caterpillars. Butterflies are incredible but in this video, the stars are eggs and caterpillars. The magic comes alive  when you look close at the tiny eggs and the wriggling caterpillars. A painted lady butterfly isContinue reading “Blue Eggs and Blue Caterpillars – Inspirational Video”

Leaf Beetle -Inspirational Video

Almost anything is possible in the rainforest. And this stunning little beetle is only the start of the mystery. Most animals try to blend in with environment. But how could this warty shiny fuchsia and purple beetle blend in? This beetle is found in the Amazon rainforest is trying to mimic the droppings of aContinue reading “Leaf Beetle -Inspirational Video”

Inspirational Video – How does a penguin launch itself from the sea?

Can you guess how quickly the emperor penguins launch themselves out at sea? Twice as quickly as their normal swimming speeds, swimming speed is 3.4 m/s (7.6 mph). It looks almost as if these rather heavy flightless birds are flying. The flight might be short but how do they do it? Penguins trap microbubbles withinContinue reading “Inspirational Video – How does a penguin launch itself from the sea?”

Inspirational Video – Chameleon Tongue Attack

What if your tongue was twice the length of your body? What could you do? What would you like to do? Can you invent something useful, magical and fun by using the flexible yet powerful chameleon’s tongue as inspiration? Sticking out your tongue may be a bit rude but is a powerful weapon if youContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Chameleon Tongue Attack”

Inspirational Video – When plants fight back

Did you know that plants can “smell”? Buds open och flowers bloom, but to most of us plants live a passive life. They do not move around nor do they live an exciting life. Yet, it turns out that it is our inability to perceive slow and subtle changes that has prevented us from seeContinue reading “Inspirational Video – When plants fight back”

Inspirational Video – Invisible Shadow

What if you could  hide in your own shadow by glowing? Not sure I quite understand how the  Hawaiian bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes) can cruise above its prey without casting a shadow even on a moonlight night but it is fascinating! And beautiful. There is something almost magical with bioluminescence. The tiny squid hunt atContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Invisible Shadow”

Inspirational Video – Jay Collecting Acorns

How many acorns will a jay collect over a season? Squirrels are not the only  animal that love to collect and bury acorns. A jay can store as many as 5, 000 acorns! They place their acorns in many different places such as natural holes, crevices in tree bark and under leaf litter. Just likeContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Jay Collecting Acorns”

Mind-Blowing Insects

Discover the world through the eyes of a child. Photographer Levon Biss was looking for a new, extraordinary subject when one afternoon he and his young son popped a ground beetle under a microscope. Why not take out your magnifying glass and discover the extraordinary beauty of something ordinary. Wonderful photos of insects can beContinue reading “Mind-Blowing Insects”

Inspirational Video – Sea Star walking on the Beach

  Watch their tube feet wiggling! Sea stars are beautiful animals that can be a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. All of them resemble a beautiful star but while some sea stars  appear smooth, they all have spines covering their upper surface and a soft underside. Hundreds of tube feet are located on theirContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Sea Star walking on the Beach”

Inspirational Video – Biomimicry for Young Children

I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world I see skies of blue and clouds of white… Louis Armstrong In this video we follow David Attenborough around the world. I hope you feel inspired and awestruck by theContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Biomimicry for Young Children”