Reindeer Challenge – Zero Waste Ideas for a Reindeer Party

Plastic is everywhere! Can you help design packing material’s for a Reindeer Party to celebrate that all the Xmas gifts have been delivered around the world. Reindeer are vegetarians, so they eat only plants, During the summer months they eat grass and shrubs. Once the snow covers the tundra, they start looking for lichen. WhyContinue reading “Reindeer Challenge – Zero Waste Ideas for a Reindeer Party”

Non-Boring Trees

Are trees boring? Do all trees look the same? Ever heard of the Rainbow tree? Or seen a tree where the fruits grow on the bark? And what if you could see the roots of the tree? Thinking about and searching for information about trees is a great way to not only learn about natureContinue reading “Non-Boring Trees”

Festive Reindeer Mind Map

Get into the Festive Spirit and learn about the cool reindeer! Help Father Christmas and use biomimicry to invent new gadets to makes his life easier. Begin the biomimicry journey by making a Festive Reindeer Mind Map using Christmas decorations. We made a mind map from old decorations and wrapping paper. You can use tinsel,Continue reading “Festive Reindeer Mind Map”

Festive Biomimicry Reindeer

The Festive Season is perfect for exploring some magical fun! Reindeer are amazing. Wonderful inspiration for helping Father Christmas. Exploring questions, fun, silly and serious, that excite our mind and then looking for ways to put an answer together. Sometimes the solution will work, sometimes, especially when exploring the world with young children, the magicContinue reading “Festive Biomimicry Reindeer”

Interesting eyes! – Biomimicry for Young Children

Eyes! Geckos with zig-zagged pupils. Chameleons that can look at two directions at the same time. And frogs that can see above the surface while they are underwater! Eyes are a great topic to explore when you are talking about biomimicry. You can solve design challenges: “Use one of the words that rhyme with frog.Continue reading “Interesting eyes! – Biomimicry for Young Children”

Eternal Magic Leaf Sheep Snack Bar and Photosynthesis – Biomimicry

A couple of weeks ago, I found the cutest little leaf sheep. A sea slug that looks adorable and who has the most amazing ability – an animal that can rely on sunshine for its nutrition. It sounds like a test from school and you would definitely fail if you ticked that genes from anContinue reading “Eternal Magic Leaf Sheep Snack Bar and Photosynthesis – Biomimicry”

Biomimicry for Young Children – Inspired by Endangered Dugongs – Donald Dugong Seacleaner

Meet Donald Dugong Seacleaner! The graceful dugongs spend time eating seagrass from the bottom of the sea. Seagrass is important to save. We wrote a story about Doctor Delia Dugong who saved the seagrass. We also reversed the thinking and ended up with an idea where we take something away from the sea that doesContinue reading “Biomimicry for Young Children – Inspired by Endangered Dugongs – Donald Dugong Seacleaner”

Biomimicry for Young Children – Inspired by Endangered Dugongs

Dugongs spark our curiosity and tug our heart-strings. These sea cows are beautiful and fascinating creatures. The first day of January we saved One swimming dugong Inspired by the carol “The Twelve days fo Christmas”, we made up a song where we each month saved an animal – The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Song.Continue reading “Biomimicry for Young Children – Inspired by Endangered Dugongs”

Why is Biomimicry Important?

It might be difficult to understand why biomimicry is important and what children can learn from this approach to look at nature to find inspiration for new ideas. Most school teach children about how animals and plants grow, where they can be found, and taxonomy but nature can be used as an inspiration to solveContinue reading “Why is Biomimicry Important?”