Reindeer Challenge – Zero Waste Ideas for a Reindeer Party

Plastic is everywhere! Can you help design packing material’s for a Reindeer Party to celebrate that all the Xmas gifts have been delivered around the world. Reindeer are vegetarians, so they eat only plants, During the summer months they eat grass and shrubs. Once the snow covers the tundra, they start looking for lichen. WhyContinue reading “Reindeer Challenge – Zero Waste Ideas for a Reindeer Party”

Inspired by Plantopedia

This blog post contains affiliate links. Bring the joy of plants to children! Parks, woodlands and gardens are dazzling with interesting plants. There are the stinkers, the airfreshers, and the perfumed. Plantopedia: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth (Wide Eyed)  by Adrienne Barman has all sorts of plants from the biggest, to the mostContinue reading “Inspired by Plantopedia”

Cherry Blossom Estate – Eco-friendly Houses Inspired by Nature

“build buildings like trees and cities like forests” William McDonough Ah, the dance of the cherry trees. Few things in nature are as lovely as the pink clouds of cherry blossoms. A wonderful way to welcome Spring. The loveliness is perhaps even more lovely since it is so fleeting. And the display in our gardenContinue reading “Cherry Blossom Estate – Eco-friendly Houses Inspired by Nature”

Pussy Willow Madness – Art, Poem and Science

What way does the willow grow where you live? There are some special willows that grow in the Arctic. The branches help to protect the plants from the cold wind. Can you draw a Polar Willow that grows in the Arctic? The pussy willows are out and that is a sure sign that spring isContinue reading “Pussy Willow Madness – Art, Poem and Science”

Inspirational Video – When plants fight back

Did you know that plants can “smell”? Buds open och flowers bloom, but to most of us plants live a passive life. They do not move around nor do they live an exciting life. Yet, it turns out that it is our inability to perceive slow and subtle changes that has prevented us from seeContinue reading “Inspirational Video – When plants fight back”

Climate Smart Fairy Houses

  Nowadays even fairies need to be climate smart. So we built climate smart houses for the fairies that live in our garden. We got inspiration from studying cones. Pine cones open and close depending upon the level of moisture in the air. The scales of pine cones  open in hot and dry weather andContinue reading “Climate Smart Fairy Houses”