Sea Slug Borrowers – Inspirational video

Spots, stripes, bold vibrant colours or soft milky pastels. Nudibranchs do everything to capture your attention. These soft-bodied creatures warn predators with their high contrast markings and colours. But some sea slugs are a bit more cunning, and they steal stinging cells that they collect from hydroid prey. The nudibranch’s gut is impressive, with fingerlikeContinue reading “Sea Slug Borrowers – Inspirational video”

Super Siri Spider Sieve

What lives in the ocean? Fish, dolphins, sea otters, whales, octopuses, plants, corals sea turtles and sea spiders. And plastic! Marine creatures are vulnerable to fragments of plastic littering the world’s oceans. Big animals such as whales are ingesting microplastics. Microplastics are small fragments of plastic, less than 5 mm.  There are different types ofContinue reading “Super Siri Spider Sieve”

Inspirational Video – Invisible Shadow

What if you could  hide in your own shadow by glowing? Not sure I quite understand how the  Hawaiian bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes) can cruise above its prey without casting a shadow even on a moonlight night but it is fascinating! And beautiful. There is something almost magical with bioluminescence. The tiny squid hunt atContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Invisible Shadow”

Inspirational Video – Sea Star walking on the Beach

  Watch their tube feet wiggling! Sea stars are beautiful animals that can be a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. All of them resemble a beautiful star but while some sea stars  appear smooth, they all have spines covering their upper surface and a soft underside. Hundreds of tube feet are located on theirContinue reading “Inspirational Video – Sea Star walking on the Beach”

Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-Up Book

Awesome inpiration for little innovators! Open slowly this pop-up book and marvel when the exquiste pop-ups pop-out in slow motion. Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-Up Book is a perfect for educational purposes since every pop-up can been seen from all sides. But most of all it is wonderful combination of science, art and paper engineering.Continue reading “Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-Up Book”

Be Inspired by Antarctic Ballet and Sliding Penguins

Running, hopping, waddling, jumping, sliding, porpoising, tobogganing, and diving penguins. Penguins are always ready for action. On land, they have rather poor eyesight but in the water, they have exceptional vision. They can dive up to 35 meters in the water. Why not draw a diving robot that can dive and see under water? OrContinue reading “Be Inspired by Antarctic Ballet and Sliding Penguins”

Cubist Glue Art, Doodling, and Sleepy Parrotfish – Biomimicry for Young Children

Imagine that you are a tired parrotfish.You are going to sleep but first you need to make a protective cocoon. A cocoon that will keep enemies away.What does it feel like inside the cocoon? One exercise in the booklet Biomimicry for Young Children –  Sea Life is about the colourful and interesting parrotfish. What thingsContinue reading “Cubist Glue Art, Doodling, and Sleepy Parrotfish – Biomimicry for Young Children”

Eternal Magic Leaf Sheep Snack Bar and Photosynthesis – Biomimicry

A couple of weeks ago, I found the cutest little leaf sheep. A sea slug that looks adorable and who has the most amazing ability – an animal that can rely on sunshine for its nutrition. It sounds like a test from school and you would definitely fail if you ticked that genes from anContinue reading “Eternal Magic Leaf Sheep Snack Bar and Photosynthesis – Biomimicry”