Supertiny Bats with Superpowers

Unstoppable hunters of the nights! A couple of weeks ago, we went for a bat walk in Sutton Park. Equipped with warm clothes and torches we searched for bats in the dark autumn evening using bat detectors. The rain was drizzling but luckily the bats still came out to feed. Bats are mammals and they areContinue reading “Supertiny Bats with Superpowers”

Build a Character – Explore functions

This post contains ad links. Create your own creature. What is its name? What kind of habitat will it live in? What things can you invent inspired by the creature? Storytellers have invented all sorts of creatures, such as dragons and unicorns. But you can also invent a creature consisting of body parts of realContinue reading “Build a Character – Explore functions”

Biomimicry Journal – Bubble Froth Inspiration

What if you can use foam to protect yourself from germs? What would you look like? Foam-nesting frogs build meringue-like structures to protect their young even under the harshest of conditions. The nests look delicate but they are tough structures. These types of frogs can provide inspiration for lots of ideas. Creating a Biomimicry JournalContinue reading “Biomimicry Journal – Bubble Froth Inspiration”

Build a Snow City

There has been plenty of chances to watch the squirrels who visit our garden more or less every day. Squirrels are quick, agile and fascinating. Also squirrels. . . have sharp claws that helps them shift direction when they are climbing trees can run headfirst down trees have light and small bodies And most importantlyContinue reading “Build a Snow City”

What colour are flamingo egg yolks? Pink or Not Pink?

Would it not be wonderful if flamingoes had pink egg yolks? Pink meme   When you look for inspiration for ideas it is easy to stumble upon something that is not true. Teaching children to double-check and check again is a vital skill. And no, flamingo eggs are not pink. Flamingo egg yolks are yellowContinue reading “What colour are flamingo egg yolks? Pink or Not Pink?”

What if a pile of colourful autumn leaves was used as inspiration?

A think dive into a pile of colourful autumn leaves. The forest is going to sleep. Days are getting shorter and the animals are squirreling away for winter. Plants and flowers are capsulated and the trees start to let go of their leaves. Autumn is a wonderful season for discovering what happens when natures slowsContinue reading “What if a pile of colourful autumn leaves was used as inspiration?”

The wonders of an Autumn walk

Children are curious about the wonders of autumn. They would ponder natures beauty of leaves changing colours and trees dropping treasures. Even if you have witnessed many autumns you many still be impressed by the beauty. Autumn in the forest is so magical. Raindrops look like jewels and the towering trees provide the perfect backdropContinue reading “The wonders of an Autumn walk”

Vitamin G – The Importance of Exploring Nature

Smell, splash and listen! Put on your wellies and dance outside! How high is an oak tree? How do you measure the height of an ant nest? How does a wet pile of autumn leaves smell? Some answer are not found inside the classroom, instead you have to walk out in nature to find theContinue reading “Vitamin G – The Importance of Exploring Nature”

Ice-Cream Roots – Mixing Ideas with a Touch of Magic and Imagination

Thinking, whether it is planning what information you need to solve a problem, exploring where in your body you feel certain, or searching for new ideas, is something that should be exciting and fun. For too long the image of a serious person sitting still and thinking about serious stuff have ruled. A creative approachContinue reading “Ice-Cream Roots – Mixing Ideas with a Touch of Magic and Imagination”

A Day at the Beach – Inspired by Sandpipers and Seagulls

Building sandcastles, surfing on waves, and licking the world’s yummiest ice-cream! A day at the beach can be truly magical. Children can tank their bodies with warm sun rays and parents’ endless love. But it can also be a day filled with wonderous and mind-boggling ideas and questions. Dream, build and invent. Invent playground shapedContinue reading “A Day at the Beach – Inspired by Sandpipers and Seagulls”

Autumn Owl Robo – Use Biomimicry to Teach Children to Think

I have big eyes. The big eyes help me to. . . Owls are most vocal in Autumn and you can twit-twhoo-ing when you make this craft inspired by owls’ big eyes. The big eyes help owls to see in the dark. We made an Autumn Owl robo with several eyes so that it canContinue reading “Autumn Owl Robo – Use Biomimicry to Teach Children to Think”