Inspired by Gentle Giants – Giraffes

This blog post contains adlinks. Cool Giraffe Neck Twister Game Giraffe Jaws Giraffe Long Tongue Robot Come up with an idea for a giraffe invention. A useful or not so useful innovation inspired by the beautiful animals with the long gracious necks, dark long tongues and four stomachs to help them digest their food. IllustrateContinue reading “Inspired by Gentle Giants – Giraffes”

Biomimicry Inspiration from Africa with Crocolicious Love

The Crocodile “No animal is half as vile As Crocky–Wock, the crocodile. On Saturdays he likes to crunch Six juicy children for his lunch And he especially enjoys Just three of each, three girls, three boys. From Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl We had a period when we read rhymes from Dirty Beasts every night.Continue reading “Biomimicry Inspiration from Africa with Crocolicious Love”

The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Songs- Cool & Hot Zebra Socks

On the eighth day of August we saved eight elegant zebras.   Black and white stripes. The skin helps to keep the zebra cool. So the answer to a lot of problems may be “zebra”! The pattern of the black and white stripes may be correlated to the climate where the zebras are living. TheContinue reading “The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Songs- Cool & Hot Zebra Socks”