Daydreaming about Ladybirds

November and not a ladybird in sight. The cold November weather has arrived and the pretty ladybird is hibernating. And somehow, the things you cannot see quickly becomes more interesting! The slow motion video below of a ladybird taking off provides you with an opportunity to slow down. Being mindful is to slow down andContinue reading “Daydreaming about Ladybirds”

Moth – An Evolution Story

The colour of an animal can decide whether it lives or dies. Moth is a story of the peppered moth written by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Daniel Egnéus. An awe-inspiring story about a speckled and freckled master of disguise. A fight for survival in a world that is changed by humans. Important and a bit sad questionsContinue reading “Moth – An Evolution Story”

Biobing – Caterpillar Climbing Shoes

Inspired by the wonderful caterpillars in the previous blog posts, we designed some Biobing shoes. These shoes are made for climbing in the mountains. Just like a caterpillar you can climb upside down when you are wearing these shoes. There are little sticky caterpillar shaped wheels that lets you scale big rocks. These wheels automaticallyContinue reading “Biobing – Caterpillar Climbing Shoes”

Blue Eggs and Blue Caterpillars – Inspirational Video

Blue! Blue is a rather rare colour in nature. But in this awe-inspiring video there are blue eggs and blue caterpillars. Butterflies are incredible but in this video, the stars are eggs and caterpillars. The magic comes alive  when you look close at the tiny eggs and the wriggling caterpillars. A painted lady butterfly isContinue reading “Blue Eggs and Blue Caterpillars – Inspirational Video”

Leaf Beetle -Inspirational Video

Almost anything is possible in the rainforest. And this stunning little beetle is only the start of the mystery. Most animals try to blend in with environment. But how could this warty shiny fuchsia and purple beetle blend in? This beetle is found in the Amazon rainforest is trying to mimic the droppings of aContinue reading “Leaf Beetle -Inspirational Video”

A Beetle is Shy

This post contains adlinks. How would you describe a bettle?   Beetles can be colossal or tiny creatures. They can be colourful or plain, friendly and helpful or harmful. Beetles can even be tasty. And telegraphic! During Spring beetles and bugs are everywhere we look outside, and it is the perfect time to explore theirContinue reading “A Beetle is Shy”

Mind-Blowing Insects

Discover the world through the eyes of a child. Photographer Levon Biss was looking for a new, extraordinary subject when one afternoon he and his young son popped a ground beetle under a microscope. Why not take out your magnifying glass and discover the extraordinary beauty of something ordinary. Wonderful photos of insects can beContinue reading “Mind-Blowing Insects”

Curious Me – Dragonflies

Biomimicry is a smart way to teach children to observe nature and to use it as inspiration to solve tough problems. The focus is on observing functions and the way nature solves problems. Nature is filled with unique designs and behaviours that help living things to adapt to their environment and to survive. Biomimicry allowsContinue reading “Curious Me – Dragonflies”

Design a Helmet Inspired by Ladybirds

Imagine that you have wings like a ladybird. What would you do? Ladybirds are delightful to have around and we always close our eyes and make a wish when a ladybird flies away from our hands. Since I love roses, ladybirds are a true friend for that reason as well. And a rosebush is indeedContinue reading “Design a Helmet Inspired by Ladybirds”

Biomimicry Challenge – Day 5

Take out the magnifying glass and study some ants. Look at the way they work together to bring food to the nest. Ants can find food and bring in into their nests in a couple of minutes. What does the ants do that is so great? How do you think they find the shortest routeContinue reading “Biomimicry Challenge – Day 5”