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Here you will find the booklets “Biomimicry for Young Children”.

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Looking for something exciting for a project-based learning unit? Here is a biomimicry Freebie to make your science project for younger students, Kindergarten to Grade 3, both fun and educational.

If you’ve never used biomimicry before this lesson plan will guide you through the process of using biomimicry and steam activities. Using this resource is a great way to inspire students to ask questions, study animals and use creative thinking to explore ideas. Biomimicry is based on the idea that students can take inspiration from nature when solving problems. Your students will love learning and exploring this innovative approach to problem-solving.

Feel inspired, Be Creative and Make Change.

Giraffes have long necks and long dark tongues. They are endangered fascinating gentle giants. Here they provide inspiration for new ideas. You’ll find everything you need to feel inspired, get creative and engage young students.

Patterns in nature! Check it out at TpT here.

Leopards’ spots, zebras’ stripes and sunflower spirals are not just pretty! Provide your students with skills and understanding behind patterns and shapes in nature with this

biomimicry resource. This resource will make your science projects for younger kids, Grade 1 to 3, both engaging and educational. This packet is perfect if you want something exciting for a project-based learning unit. Enter the fascinating world of patterns and shapes in nature- from spores, and zebras to sunflowers and kiwifruits. The aim is to inspire students to look for patterns and interesting shapes.

The most intricate as well as mind-boggling patterns are often found where you least expect them. Walking around looking for patterns is a fun imaginary activity. An activity that inspires students to be curious. It also inspires students to search for scientific facts and to use artistic and aesthetic goggles to explore the world. You’ll find everything you need to feel inspired, get creative and engage young students.

Animals in Snow. Check it out at TPT here.

Your kids will love a project about animals in the snow, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to introduce design challenges into your classroom. Inspire your kids to watch nature with biomimicry glasses where the focus is on studying special features and superpowers that animals and plants have spent billions of years developing. By tapping into these secrets we can learn not only about ourselves but also find solutions to problems and ideas for new innovation. By mimicking strategies and functions found in nature, your children can solve design challenges and find hope as well as develop a love for nature.

Animals do the most amazing things in the snow. Some of the things they do can be used to design cities and jumping robots.

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