Wild Ideas by Elin Kelsey

Problems are like sticky burrs.

They poke.

They prick.

They nag.

Step into the forests, skies and oceans. Explore how animals solve problems.

The  book Wild Ideas  is a perfect book for young biomimicrists.


Weaving a place to feel safe and rest or leaping into a new situation, the animal world can provide us with ideas to solve problems. Watch how sea otters use rocks to crack crabs. Feel inspired by the way orangutans create a safe place in which to study a problem.

As with the book You are Stardust a lyrical language is used by Elin Kelsey that perfectly matches the stunning illustration by Soyeon Kim. Soyeon Kim is a master at merging real-world materials, fine sketching, and painting techniques to produce three-dimensional pieces. The lyrical text is grounded in current science and it presents problems as doorways to a creative approach to thinking.


Big questions and question asking is encouraged in this book that invites readers to indulge their sense of wonder and curiosity when looking at nature.

An awe-inspiring book.

Entirely wonderful just like the snails that are welcoming the rain in our garden.

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