A sharp idea – Biomimicry

The forest is home for thousands of species, big animals like bears, and deer, and smaller animals like hedgehogs, porcupines and rabbits. Thousands of ways to explore possibilities and be inspired.

Porcupine Quills to Needles (21st Century Junior Library: Tech from Nature) by Jennifer Colby is a book in a series that aims towards providing children with skills that will help them to succeed in the 21st century. The series is about biomimicry, yippeee, and they are recommended for children in year 2 to 5. Perfect books filled with facts about animals or plants. There is also a description of an idea that has emerged from the observations of the animal or plant.

The book about porcupine is perfect to use with this booklet that I recently made. My booklet aims towards taking the learning a bit further and inspire children to ask their own questions based upon an observation and then use it to invent something themselves or solve a problem. So this is a perfect match.

In my booklet, children are asked to compare the spines of hedgehogs with the porcupine quills. They can invent a helmet inspired by hedgehogs or look for a sharp idea inspired by porcupines.

Happy thinking!

Woodland – Lapbook, STEAM, Biomimicry Tpt

Woodland – Lapbook, STEAM, Biomimicry TES

Photo Porcupine

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