2020! Biomimicry an emerging trend!

Embrace the trend! Start 2020 with spending time in nature and ponder!


Biomimicry is an emerging trend that is slowly but surely entering the business world, universities as well as the classroom.

It may not always be easy to embrace biomimicry. Yet, it is a wonderful feeling to search for exciting solutions to problems and to step outside the box. To use a walk in the forest, local park or the schoolyard as a stepping stone to consciously study animals, fungi and plants require a great dollop of patience.

Biomimicry is a way to make children aware of that by caring for Earth and all of life, we care for ourselves. A fantastic superidea that will lead to improvements in our health or to a way to reduce environmental problems may be waiting to be discovered in nature. Thus, it becomes important to safeguard animals and plants when you see a greater picture and appreciate nature and what we can learn by investigating and discovering its secrets. Nature develops and does not stand still, but for millions of years animals and plants have learned from their less good ideas.

“Children and young people have an amazing ability to associate, fantasise and come up with solutions. That’s what we try to use and stimulate further through our first book. Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva: Nature spotting inspires wild ideas.”

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