Green Robots to explore the Oceans and the Moon! – Design Inspired by Plants

Growing robots may help us explore unknown places like the Moon. Plants use growth to move and explore and even take over the environment. In contrast, animals do not grow to be able to move. Inspired by plants we can design search applications where we do not know what the environment looks like beforehand.

What if

We could drop a seed that grows on the Moon. The seeds sprouts and the plant robot grows and starts exploring the environment. Every little crater and the mysterious polar regions could be explored. A robot that grows could overcome problems that are common when using mobile rovers which tend to get stuck in the sand. The mobile rowers have so far been based on animal models.

Designing green robos that can grow in unexplored places on our Earth is, of course, vital and robos inspired by plants that grow in water could be a great starting point for exploring the Mariana trench which is the deepest part of Earth.

Creating a robot that uses materials in the environment to grow means a giant step from building a complete robot.

What place would your Green Robot Explore!


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