Inspired by Endangered Sloths – Sloth Meditation

Imagine that you can be the sloth.

What does it mean to find your inner sloth?

Sloths are asleep a good portion of the twenty-four-hour day. The rest of the time the are slowly moving and feeding. What if you were licking an ice-cream in a way that a sloth munches slowly on leaves? What if there was a “slothful” way of enjoying good things. A way to suck out every little bit of the good moments in life.


Adopt a Three-Toed Sloth

Close your eyes and imagine that you are a pygmy three-toed sloth and a drop of water slowly rolls down a left. As the water drop moves towards the edge of the leaf, it stops and expands. Then the glistening magical water drop falls over the edge.

Now imagine that you are watching the way clouds move across the sky, the way raindrops slowly glide across the window in the same matter.

Sloth meditation and a slothful way of seeing the world can help to imagine your journey slowly toward your ice cream . . .

Imagining that you are a sloth help you not only to enjoy things, it may also help you to understand sloths better. Understanding other animals is a step towards wanting to save animals and their environment. It may also help children to understand the way we as humans have an impact on the environment.

There are few TV programs that explore climate change for children. This is strange since there are a lot of good programs for children about animals and space. Topics such as deforestation, ocean garbage, endangered animals, and littering are explored, yet, the topic climate change is controversial and perhaps that is why it is avoided. But an endangered animal like sloths is also affected by the changes in climate. For example, the changes affect the amount that rain that falls in the rainforest which in turn affects the leaves that grow. Leaves is their main source of food.

Look for some music and start moving around like a sloth.

We found this guitar music that we liked.




A link to animal mediation appeared in my Facebook feed and guess what? There was a meditation inspired by three-toed sloths. This is meditation for adults, but it might provide you with some inspiration.

Below is the update mind map.

The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Song sloth 2

Photo: Three-toed sloth



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