The wonders of an Autumn walk

Children are curious about the wonders of autumn. They would ponder natures beauty of leaves changing colours and trees dropping treasures. Even if you have witnessed many autumns you many still be impressed by the beauty.

Autumn in the forest is so magical. Raindrops look like jewels and the towering trees provide the perfect backdrop to an array of colours from pink to brown and sounds that tell the story of squirrels arguing over the last acorn.

Squirrels can be found in urban parks and gardens which is perfect for everyday observations since many of us live in cities. Today, a squirrel was resting in our front garden and yesterday we saw one jumping from branch to branch in the back yard.


Do squirrels ever forget where they put their nuts?

Yes, is the short answer, but not as much as we seem to think they do.  Squirrels are actually very good at remembering where they have left their nuts. Squirrels use a combination of cues and landmarks to remember where they have buried their tresures. But they may also use their sense of smell to help them. Nuts are often not buired very deep so they may be able to smell them. And if they do not retrieve the nut, that is not necessarily because they have forgotten where they buried it.

Interestingly, squirrels may steal each other’s acorns. Squirrels may fake-hide their acorns to fool another suirrel  watching them.

Why not draw a food map to help the squirrel to find his food?

fal detective page 33-page-0The map we make used real hazel nuts and acorns. A perfect way to use the little autumn treasures that tend to end up in your pockets only to be forgotten. Making up names for different parts of the map is a great way to learn to identify different autumn nuts and leaf – Lands of the Acorns and About here Hazel Nuts.


For more ideas about how to think dive into piles of autumn leaves. . .

Teach autumn 1cover-page-0



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