Moth – An Evolution Story

The colour of an animal can decide whether it lives or dies.

Moth is a story of the peppered moth written by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Daniel Egnéus. An awe-inspiring story about a speckled and freckled master of disguise. A fight for survival in a world that is changed by humans. Important and a bit sad questions are posed in this book.

Who will survive?

Who will change and evolve?

Who will die out?

A story of survival and hope that tickles the creative juices. Perfect as introduction for  bioinspired ideas and for discussions about what happens to animals that cannot adapt to changes.

“People built factories and burned coal to power magnificent machines. They made steam trains to take things here there and everywhere. Chimneys filled the air with smoke and soot…”

The illustrations create a vibrant and dramatic atmosphere.  A play of light on dark filled with fascinating patterns and perspectives. From beautiful white birch trunks to smoke-clad machines. Love the way the peppered moth either stands out or blends in.

The story is filled with drama and emotions, yet, the language is  simple so young readers can follow the story of changes that the moth has to make and also the changes that has taken place in the human environment.  Evolution is explored in language that is both scientic and poetic.

Warmly recommended.

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