Moles with incredible noses and paws

The star-nosed mole incredible looking nose is not used to smell, instead, the nose is used to feel. Moles spend most of their time underground where it is dark so it is important with a good sense of touch.

This fascinating animal is the only known mammal that can smell under water! Wow!

The mole sends out little bubbles and the bubbles catch odour molecules. The moles’ tunnels often end up in the river so it is important for the mole to be good swimmers.

Moles have front paws that are perfect for digging and this is used as inspiration in the free booklet below to design a digging machine.

But why now combine this with the amazing star-nosed moles, who can smell food under water. Lots of ideas are twirling around in my head! I hope it sparks lots of ideas!

Moles provide opportunities for wonder and possibilities for inventing all sorts of things. The ideas may not work in real life but daydreaming is the first step towards great things but most of all it is fun!

The booklet can be downloaded at TES or TpT. A short introduction to Biomimicry for Young Children. Enjoy!

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